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A Youth Corper’s Experience of Jos

A Youth Corper’s Experience of Jos

Jos, a city situated in the Middle Belt of Nigeria is populated with about 900,000 residents as reported by the National Population Commission in the 2006 population census. It is an epic center for the Tin Mining business.  Jos has become an important national administrative, commercial, and tourist center. This “melting pot” of race, ethnicity, and religion makes Jos one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria. For this reason, Plateau State is known in Nigeria as the “home of peace and tourism”.

My Journey to this land of peace started in November 2019. What would be my first encounter was the freezing temperature in Mangu local government area. I could feel my heart pant with excitement but at the same time, there was uncertainty. Constantly trying to figure out what the future holds was the order of the day for me.

The Weather

My 3 weeks in camp was fun and very exciting. It opened me up to recognize many opportunities but unfortunately, I had to leave. I decided to redeploy back to Lagos which at the long run wasn’t successful after several attempts. It was time to go back to Jos proper to begin my service year, maybe it was fate but all I knew was that going back to Jos was my last resort.

I had to adapt to a new environment. The weather was good but sometimes could be extreme. Even in the blazing sun, you could still feel cold. This contributed to the manner in which people dress over there. It is either you are dressed with a jacket, a hoodie or a sweat jacket to keep warm.

The People

One intriguing thing about the people is their accommodating and welcoming nature. They were always willing to help and could go lengths for you. It never really felt like I left home because I was treated with so much love and respect. When my neighbor found out I was from Lagos, she made it a point of duty to provide warm water for me every morning, up until I familiarized myself with the environment. Joyfully, she would offer me their native food Gote,  mai kuka, Tuwo  and many more.  I would literally give them the award of most friendly and accommodating people in Nigeria.

The Roads

The roads within the state have very good road networks. You can get to a particular place through countless routes but I must say that the entry points to the state is poorly developed. I hope the government works on this.

Sphere Hills


I was privileged to visit some tourist centers like Shere hills , wildlife park. Chinese park and the just relax park. The above mentioned are places that the government of Plateau state can further develop in order generate massive income as it could attract if properly developed, Millions of tourists. The Shere hills has its highest peak reaching a height of about 1,829 metres or 6,001 feet above sea level, and it is the highest point of the Jos Plateau forming the third highest point in Nigeria after Chappal Waddi on the Mambilla Plateau.

I was amazed to have seen great structures particularly schools in the town e.g Hillcrest.  For one, I never thought such a school could be in a place like that.

Jos has very nice relaxation and recreational centers like the wildlife park. I Visited there once and got to see wild animals. The sight of which was very beautiful. This is yet another sector   I believe the government needs to pay close attention to. If well refurbished, it should serve as a great means of revenue to the state. I also got to see the hills and mountains all around, houses built on the hills as well and a lot more. The sight is such a beauty to behold.

Masa, a popular traditional food in Plateau State.

I wondered if it is a coincidence when I discovered  the caliber of persons that were either born or spent their childhood in Jos. We have the likes of;

•Tony Elumelu was born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, in 1963.

•Kenneth Gyang A filmmaker that was born in Barkin Ladi of Plateau State, Nigeria.

•John Major, former British Prime Minister, worked in the town from 1966 to 1967.

•Ahmed Musa (footballer); Nigerian footballer born in Jos

•P-Square, R&B duo of identical twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye were born and raised in Jos.

•John Obi Mikel; international footballer spent his childhood years in Jos

•Ogenyi Onazi; international footballer was born in Jos

•Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia Nigerian multi-award-winning musician was born in Jos

•Deborah Enilo Ajakaiye (born 1940) is a Nigerian geophysicist

•Sarah Ladipo Manyika (born 7 March 1968), British-Nigerian writer, spent much of her childhood in Lagos and Jos and many otothers.

Juliet Odjugo

Business Opportunities

Before  the crisis as I was told, Jos city was thriving so well. Not until 2009/2010 when the crisis took place and then properties were destroyed, lives were lost. People relocated abandoned their properties.  After which business went down. It equally affected us as a company there too.

Some businesses packed up and went into non existence while others relocated. The people had to pick up their remaining to start all over.

•Juliet Ogbugo served in Jos.


I want to appreciate all those who made my stay comfortable.  AA Rescue Jos Branch, House on the Rock Jos, True Worshippers HOTR, Bayinah Enterprises Jos, NYSC Marshalband CDS Group, Friends, and family.

In conclusion, Jos is a beautiful city with wonderful people, a conducive environment and so much business opportunities such as Mining, personnel recruiting, Food supply and many others. If properly leveraged, Jos is a place to thrive.


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  1. Wow, that’s lovely from my corper, Juliet we love and miss you too much and hope you will come back some day.

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